miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

iScope is going full public – Off we go!!

Beginning this 2012 we launched the first version of iScope in the Apple AppStore. It was in such way an experiment that we celebrated the very first download with a BBQ at Sebastian’s home. The first goal was to set up a working prototype of iScope and get some 1,000 ths people to try it out.

So far, after 6 months, more than 40.000 of you guys have tried out iScope for your iPads, that’s much more than what we imagined!

We have released three versions (plus that infame one that didn’t quite work as well as expected… I still avoid some looks walking down the street), but anyway, we have been adding features in every release. Now, July 2012, we went into frozen mode as we talk to some guys in Silicon Valley in order to invite them to be part of the iScope team as advisors and even as investors to pay for the beer.

No, seriously, there is much more into iScope, so the fact that plenty of you people have downloaded and used it is a great reassurance that this thing is big.

We set up a freemium model on where you download the app from here or from your iPad (search iScope), you try it for free and if you like it, you can get the full version, without limitations of projects, tasks, resources or any other, plus dropbox storage!

Why do we do this?

We think that everybody manages projects, they can be called advertising campaign if you’re in ads, a case if you’re a lawyer or a house if you’re building things. But essentially iScope helps you acomplish your big idea by breaking it down into smaller tasks that you can work on. Oh!, and most of the time you would also manage other people’s time.

We also think that Gantt charts are overrated (and so MS Project, sorry Bill). They are a great idea and probably work well in industrial construction or if you are building a damn, but they do no good in normal scale, human sized projects, where there is a need for organization, communication, collaboration, flexibility and yes, changes in ongoing plans!

We believe that we have come to a powerful alternative solution, and we have embodied it in the iPad first.

What’s next?

So far we have like 0.03% of the iScope dream built into the App, next steps include two powerful features:
The Radioactive feature: collaborative tasks. (email us for details)
The Biohazard feature: everyones own perspective for the project, yet everybodys’ involvement fully aligned.

In panic, but not paralyzed.

We are releasing new versions of iScope as fast as we can, adding more features, yet trying to keep it simple. We will go for the oh-so-many-people-are-asking-for-it mac version and also after that, an iPhone version. We believe you manage your projects from your desk, your office, your meetings and on your way home (ok, some of you also do it ar home)

Many thanks to all of our 40,000 brave and early adopters.

The iScope Team


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